Toucan Smart Sconce Light App


Change the color of your Toucan Smart Light from 16 million different colors from the darkest reds to light blues and everything in between. Use the Toucan Smart Home app to drag through different colors until you find the one you like.


Select from 3 different brightness options from power saving, normal and super bright depending on how bright you want your Toucan Smart Light to shine. Toggle back and forth between the 3 lights to create a different mood with each setting.


Choose from Toucan’s custom themes or create your own! Save the color and brightness setting you’ve created in the theme section to utilize the same color and setting any time. Choose from the 9 default themes available as well with themes ranging from party to relaxing to best fit what you’re feeling.


Schedule the Toucan Smart Light to turn on and turn off at a certain time to automate your home. Be able to schedule your light to turn on and off at a certain hour with the color and brightness setting you want during that time frame! If you turn on your light and want to turn it off just a few hours later, use the timer function on the app so you can control how long you want the Toucan Smart Light to be on. 


Connect and control multiple sconce lights in your home! If you own multiple sconce lights, you can sync the lights together so when you change one sconce light color or setting, the second sconce light will change to the new setting as well to help have unity in your home and space.