Frequently Asked Questions

With the Toucan skill and Alexa configuration, you can now interact with your Toucan Video Doorbell & Wireless Security Camera by voice to enter live view on both devices and ring the doorbell.
  1. Go to the "Amazon Alexa" app
  2. Go to Skills and search for "Toucan Home Security System"
  3. Select "Enable" for the "Toucan Home Security System" skill. Log in to your Toucan App account and authorize access to link your Toucan Video Doorbell or Outdoor Camera
  4. Discover your device by talking to Echo "Alexa, discover Toucan Camera", your Toucan Camera should be found within 20 seconds
  5. Setup is now complete and you can start using your camera with Alexa
The Toucan Outdoor Camera and Toucan Video Doorbell require an app on your smart device to communicate with the cameras, for optimal performance of the devices you will need the operating systems as detailed below:

iOS (Apple) Devices require version 10 and above.

Android devices require version 8 and above.
The battery life depends on the location of the camera and how many times it triggers per day, for the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera usually battery life will last between 1 - 3 months and for the The Toucan Video Doorbell it will last between 2- 4 months. However in high traffic areas, the stated times maybe less.

Both cameras are easy to remove and charge. Charging takes approx. 4 hours.
If you are not receiving motion notifications on your smart device there are 2 things you need to check.
  1. Go to the "settings" section of your device, locate the Toucan app, tap on it, ensure all notification, location and communication settings are turned to "on"
  2. Next check that you have not accidentally turned on "Do Not Disturb" in your Toucan app - from the Toucan app dashboard tap on the "settings" wheel icon under the camera you would like to adjust - tap on "Do Not Disturb" ensure this is set to "off"
If all of the above are set correctly please contact us at: for further assistance.
Yes. Within the Toucan app you can adjust between Low, Med, High or Max setting. Depending on the location of your Toucan camera you will want to adjust your settings to "Low" in areas of high traffic and the "High" or "Max" in quiet areas where no one should be.

To change this setting, from the Toucan app dashboard select the "Settings" gear icon below the camera you wish to adjust, tap on "Motion Sensor Sensitivity" tap on the required setting and you're done.

Yes, you can "Snooze" motion detection for a period of time. Within the Toucan app, tap on the power icon with the clock under the Toucan camera you wish to snooze, this will then give you the option to snooze the motion for a period of time from 1 - 5 hours.

If you wish to permanently deactivate the motion detection notification or set a schedule for the activation and deactivation, within the Toucan app please tap on the "Settings" gear icon under the Toucan camera you wish to change, then tap on "Do Not Disturb" and either set to "on" or set a schedule from there.

Visit the Toucan YouTube Channel for more "How To" videos:
The motion detection can monitor motion up to 30 feet (around 9 meters) for the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera and the Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell.
Standard Wi-Fi can reach around 10-15 meters depending on obstacles in the pathway (i.e walls, different rooms etc) if you are seeing the “Weak Wi-Fi” message on the Toucan app on the camera preview you can run a test on your Wi-Fi upload speed, open your browser and type in "Speed Test" if your upload speed is below 4Mbps you may want to discuss this with your Internet Service Provider.

Yes - the Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera can be used when permanently plugged into a power source, this is mainly for indoor usage as the waterproofing cannot be guaranteed. If you want to operate the Toucan Outdoor Camera whilst plugged in you need to change the settings within the Toucan app. Tap on the "Settings" gear icon under the camera on the dashboard screen, tap on "Power Source" and change to "AC Power".
No, the Toucan Video Doorbell has a built in rechargebale battery and is not designed to be wired in.
The Toucan Video doorbell is secured to a bracket using a safety screw which requires a special screwdriver to remove. If someone was attempting to steal the item you would receive an alert on your phone at which point you could sound the siren alarm on the doorbell, speak to them and call emergency services all using the Toucan app on your phone.
Please go to the “settings” on your device, go to “apps” - locate the Toucan app and select it, then find “app settings” turn on all location and notification settings, storage, and telephone permissions. Once done restart the app.

The phone will only "ring" when the app is active and open - this is due to the security settings within your device. If the app is closed you will receive a push notification, tap on the notification and this will launch the app and you will be able to communicate with your visitor.
Yes, the Toucan app will work on android phones running android version 4.1 and newer.
Yes the Toucan app works with iPhone's runnign iOS 10 and newer.
No there is no way to insert an SD card. However, the Toucan cloud will store events for 24-hours, they will auto delete from the cloud every 24 hours. . If you wish to save a video, you can save up to 5 a month (directly to your camera roll on your smart device). If you want to store events for longer you can upgrade to one of the available Toucan storage plans that can be purchased through the Toucan app that offer more storage options and additional features.
The Toucan App and 24-hour cloud storage are free. You can upgrade your plan at any time to Pro or Elite packages to benefit from more features such as longer video storage, share devices, and unlimited video downloads.

Take a look by clicking on "Toucan Shield Plan" in the navigation options of our website or within the app under the "Settings" option on the bottom right of the navigation, select "My Account" and "Account Status".
Yes, if you upgrade to our Toucan "Pro" service you can add up to 10 users, each user will need to create their own Toucan account on the app using their email address. Once they have created a Toucan account you can share your devices with them by clicking "Settings" on the bottom right of the menu within your Toucan app, select "Shared Devices" tap the orange arrow on the device you would like to share then type in the email address of the person with whom you are sharing (the one they have registered on the Toucan app).

The shared user will then need to open their Toucan app, tap on "Settings" in the bottom right of the menu, select "Shared User" then "accept" your invitation.

Yes, firstly please check that you have removed the protective plastic film from the Toucan chime. If you have done this and you still find the chime to quiet, from the dashboard in the Toucan app please tap on the "Settings" gear icon under the preview of the Video Doorbell, then tap on "Chime Volume" then select your desired level of volume.

Yes, there are 6 chime sounds to choose from on your Toucan Chime - to hear your current chime press the video doorbell button, to change to the next sound, press the button on top of the chime and press the video doorbell button again, you can continue to do this until you find a sound you like.

If your camera is showing offline you may need to try and reconnect it using the Toucan app.

You can do this by going to the "Settings" of the Toucan Camera by tapping on the gear icon under the camera, select "remove device" then follow the steps for re-pairing the camera.

The Toucan Video doorbell measures W-5cm x H-14cm x D-2cm it fits on a standard UPVC door frame. The separate chime measures W-6.5cm x H-6.5cm x D-2cm.
Yes, with the Toucan action and “Google Home” configuration, you can now interact with your Toucan Video Doorbell & Security Camera by voice to enter live view on both devices and ring doorbell.
  1. Go to "Google Home" app and select the “Settings menu”
  2. Go to “Home control” and click “Add device”
  3. Find “Toucan” action, log in with your Toucan Smart Home app account to link with your Toucan Video Doorbell & Security Camera
  4. All setup is complete and you can start to control through Google Assistant
The distance between the Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell and the Wireless Doorbell Chime is up to 50 (around 15 meters) feet pending on the number of walls in between the two.
If you are getting a login time out error on your android device you will need to ensure you have enabled permissions on the Toucan app. Please go to the device "settings" and select "permissions" then locate the Toucan app and ensure all communication, notification and permissions access is turned "on".

Phone permissions are essential to the function of the app due to the two-way audio features, camera set up and emergency calling functionality on all of our devices.